Welcome to CQUniversity’s Work-Integrated Learning online clinical placement system, Sonia.


In Sonia you will:


1.     Submit your mandatory checks for verification by the WIL Compliance Team.

2.     Access Forms, Guides and Policies.

3.     View your WIL or clinical placement allocation.




Work-Integrated Learning Guide



Mandatory Check Guide



Mandatory Checks Closing Dates



First Year     1 August 2023

ECHO12005 1 August 2023

ECHO13007 1 May 2023

ECHO20004 1 February 2023

ECHO20005 1 June 2023



Work-Integrated Learning Support



WIL Compliance Team

Mandatory check inquiries


Phone 07 4930 9124


Work-Integrated Learning Team

Placement inquiries



Clinical Placement

Non-Attendance Form

The Clinical Placement Non-Attendance Form for unplanned leave is located under the Forms tab in Sonia. This form is mandatory.



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