CM18 Master of Laboratory Medicine

Preparing for Work-Integrated Learning


Work-integrated learning or WIL is integral to the CM18 Master of Laboratory Medicine course and allows students to engage in a professional experience while integrating theory and practice.

·         While studying this course you will undertake two work-integrated learning units: LMED29008 Clinical Placement 1 and LMED29012 Clinical Placement 2.

·         CP1 and CP2 will be combined into one, 16-week block of placement undertaken full-time.*

* Selected part-time options may be available (e.g., a total of 20 weeks, at 4 days of placement per week; or another equivalent part-time option) depending on laboratory availability.

Mandatory Check Compliance 

Prior to undertaking WIL activities, you must satisfy mandatory checks or pre-clinical requirements to ensure the safety of yourself and others. The state and territory hospital and health services, private sites and CQUniversity specify these checks.

Mandatory check requirements can be found in the course’s Mandatory Check Checklist.


Mandatory Check Closing Date


Your mandatory checks must be finalised by the ‘closing date’ – six (6) weeks prior to your allocated placement start date.

Please commence obtaining your mandatory check evidence now,
as some checks can be time-consuming to obtain. For example:

·         Hepatitis B vaccination schedule – eight (8) months
·         Australian Federal Police Check – six (6) weeks

Students who have not completed mandatory checks will not be eligible for placement
. This means that ineligible students must withdraw from the unit of study and re-enrol when mandatory checks have been successfully fulfilled, and the unit is offered again. This is likely to cause delays to course progression and completion.

Work-Integrated Learning Support 


All communication regarding Work-Integrated Learning is emailed to your CQUni student mail. Please read these emails carefully.

Email all mandatory check inquiries to the WIL Compliance Team at

Email all clinical placement-related inquiries to the Work-Integrated Learning Team at