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Welcome to CQUniversity's Work Integrated Learning online clinical placement, SONIA.
In Sonia you are required to submit your mandatory checks documents for verification, access forms, resources and view your placement details.

Medical Sonography Clinical Placements Team:

Mandatory Check Inquiries: WIL Compliance Team P: (07) 4930 9124, Option #3

Work Integrated Learning Officer: Vanessa Henderson P: (07) 4930 9124, Option #4

Industry Partnership Manager: Michele Whealy  P:(02) 93245009

Clinical Academics:

Ovini Wanigasekera P: (08) 9260 4084
Julie Cahill P: (07) 3023 4109
Gina Zhang P: (02) 9324 5736 Wednesday – Friday
Antony Egan P: (03) 9616 0514

Study Units that include a Work Integrated Learning Unit:

Year 2 - MEDS12007 Clinical Course 1 - 5 Weeks
Year 3 - MEDS13006 Clinical Course 2 - 10 weeks
Year 4 - MEDS20016 Clinical Course 3 - 19 weeks
Year 4 - MEDS20017 Clinical Course 4 - 16 weeks

TOTAL = 2000 hours of Clinical Placement (50 weeks x 40 hours per week)

Pre-placement Mandatory Checks:

Mandatory Check Information and Guide: CG91 Mandatory Check Guide

2023 Pre-clinical mandatory checks due dates:

• MEDS13006 Clinical Unit 2 - 31 May 2023
• MEDS20017 Clinical Unit 4 - 16 June 2023
• MEDS12007 Clinical Unit 1 - 12 September 2023
• MEDS20016 Clinical Unit 3 - 4 December 2023

Why are mandatory check closing dates so important?

CQUniversity are responsible to ensure that students comply to mandatory checks prior to any WIL placement. Students are responsible for the costs, planning and gathering their evidence on time and submitting it on a regular basis for verification by the WIL Compliance team in the lead up to the closing date. WIL placements are not free for universities and the WIL team have negotiation and cancellation windows that must be adhered to. This means that the WIL team need to know if you plan to undertake placement by viewing your enrolment status into the unit of study (that has a WIL placement) and that you are eligible for this placement by achieving mandatory checks compliance by the designated closing date. Students who have not completed mandatory checks will not be eligible for placement. This means that ineligible students must withdraw from the unit of study and re-enroll when the unit is offered again which is likely to cause delays to course progression and completion. Students who have difficulty completing mandatory checks at any time, should contact the WIL Compliance Team immediately on 07 4930 9124. Please also refer to the CQUniversity Work-Integrated Learning Policy and Procedure.

VIC Police Check:
Students located at the Melbourne campus have CVF endorsement which allows students to conduct police checks at a reduced fee when submitting directly through the Victoria Police website : CQUni CVF number is CVF4862
Respiratory Mask Fit Testing:

Respiratory Mask Fit Testing is a mandatory requirement for all student across all states in Australia.

Please email Ash Hudson (Mask Fit testing Administrator) for all fit test questions via
or P: (07) 4930 9124, Option #2

When emailing Ash, please be sure to put in the subject line : Year  Medical Sonography student - Fit Test Enquiry - Campus location ( BNE, MKY, PRTH, SYD, MLB)
Mask Fit testing information for QLD students ONLY

Year 4 - MEDS20016 Clinical Unit 3 2023

Placement Dates: 13 February -  23 June   2023

Year 4 MEDS20017 Clinical Unit 4 2023

Placement Dates: 10 July - 27 October   2023
Pre-Clinical Checks to be uploaded to SONIA by 16 June 2023

All Pre-clinical documents should be current prior to the placement start date and should remain current throughout the duration of your placement. In Year 4 the most common pre-clinic documentation that will expire or need renewing are ASAR, CPR, Police Check, WWCC and Blue Cards. Please check all your documents are valid, if not please upload the renewed document immediately

Year 3 MEDS13006 Clinical Unit 3 2023

Placement Dates:
Block 1,  3 July - 8  September 2023
Block 2, 11  September - 17 November 2023

  • The deadline for pre-clinical documentation to be uploaded to SONIA for MEDS13006 is Tuesday 31 May 2023.
  • If you already have your checks in SONIA then each check will have a review date listed.
  • Students who have only submitted evidence of 2 doses of HEP B, must have evidence of 3rd dose and Serology showing immunity uploaded to SONIA by Tuesday 31 May 2023.
  • 2022 Flu Vaccines expire on 31 March 2023, you will need to upload evidence of the 2023 Flu Vaccine.

Year 2 - MEDS12007 Clinical Unit 1 2023

Placement Dates:
Block 1 - 20 November - 22 December 2023
Block 2 - 2 January - 2 February 2024

MEDS12007 Pre-Clinical Mandatory checks due - 12 September 2023

ASAR registration - Please wait until you know you have passed MEDS12004 before ASAR registration. This check can be left blank until you know you are eligible for MEDS12007 placement which will be around Week 18. Once you have been told you have passed MEDS12004 please apply for ASAR registration and upload your evidence to SONIA between 22nd September - 27 October 2023.

Regional Preferencing for MEDS12007

This form will be open from Wednesday 13th September until midnight Sunday 17th September 2023. 
This Regional Preference Form is located on the MOODLE : CG91 Medical Sonography Clinical Portal : Click tab MEDS12007 Clinical Unit 1: Click on the link for the campus you are enrolled in: Complete the regional preferences form. 

Other General Information: